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To create a school community that is focused on developing educated students with high moral values, global awareness, and the ability to learn throughout life.


Our students are inquisitive, critical thinking, creative, striving for continuous self-improvement and leaders who are ready for intercultural cooperation

Our employees are professionals who pursue the continuous development and set the objectives to improve the quality of education that they provide;

Our parents are an integral part of the school community who are actively involved in the progress of improving the educational progress;

Our school is a community, which is open to cooperate and share our own experience and innovative approaches to learning to the system of secondary education.

to the website of Nazarbayev Intellectual School
of Physics and Mathematics in Kostanay!

Our school is a space of bright ideas, kind smiles and growth of every child and adult. Together, every day we take steps towards the realization of the mission and vision of the school, develop and reach heights.
School education is aimed at the child, teachers apply an individual approach, the emphasis is on real-life skills.
The website is a digital platform where our school community, partners and everyone who is interested can learn about school life and find necessary information. Our school is open for cooperation and expansion of ties.
I wish everyone productive activities: students – success in learning, teachers – inspiration in teaching, parents – understanding!
Per Aspera ad Astra!

Duskaziyeva Gulnara Unalbekovna
School Principal