Alumni Planted Trees in the Alley of Graduates

The future has begun today for the graduates of Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Kostanay. The time has come: exams have been completed, and all the graduates are awaiting their results. Before graduating from high school, the graduates and their parents decided to support the annual campaign. This year’s graduates planted 25 rowan tree seedlings on the school grounds in memory of their years at school.

This event is held annually, and it symbolizes the continuity of generations. Every student, when on the threshold of graduation, thinks about what kind of legacy he will leave behind. The tree is a symbol of growing up and is one of the most universal symbols of the spiritual heritage of mankind. When seeing these trees, the school will always remember its children, wait for them to visit, and rejoice in their success.

“We will always remember our garden and we will meet at this place, to remember with a smile our school years,” shares graduate Aidana Doskaliyeva.

Thanks to another great campaign in the Alley of Graduates there is yet another place where unusual trees—rowans—are growing. Remember that the graduates of previous years have already succeeded in planting apple trees and grape vines.