From May 20th to 24th, 2019, at our school was held a five-day field training exercise for basic military preparation for boys in grade 11.

The morning for the high school students began with a ceremonial marching drill, the running of an obstacle course, and strength exercises. Then the boys worked out the tactics of combat missions and practiced combat with training machine guns.

The five-day program of exercises included different types of training, such as shooting an air rifle, disassembling and assembling an AK-74, pull-ups on a crossbar, running 1,000 meters, digging a trench, throwing a grenade over a distance, putting on a comprehensive arms protection kit (CAPK) in a set time, and a military relay race.

The head of the training camp, the teacher of the Basic Military Training Kairzhan Kozhagaliyev said “this year the training program is designed to be 30 hours, during which the children learned skills according to the Charter of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan: drills, firing, military topography, and tactical training. The boys also showed good results in their physical training. The training was conducted in order to prepare citizens below the age of conscription for military service.

The best participants of the training camp received Certificates of Honor for active participation in the military field training exercises.

During the field exercises: in throwing grenades over a distance1st place – Bakayev Rodion 2nd place – Pushman Dias, 3rd place – Kazgeldiyev Temirlan;

Running 1,000 meters: 1st place – Mussagaliyev Dias, 2nd place – Sabirzhanov Ersultan, 3rd place – Nakayev Rodion;

Pull-ups: 1st place – Abdikapov Temirlan, 2 place – Abiken Bekbolat, 3rd place – Sabyrzhan Ersultan;

Disassembly and Assembly of AK-74: 1st place – Izgutdin Ualikhan, 2nd place – Konysbai Zhambyl, 3rd place – Mussagaliyev Dias;

Shooting with an air rifle: 1st place – Mendygaliev Tamirlan, 2nd place – Akhmetkali Azat, 3rd place – Hasengazi Ramazan.