Shanyrak named after Essil


Shanyrak named after Essil

Teacher-organizer-curator: Doldashova Gulim Temirgalievna


The shanyrak of 9«A» and 10«F» has 37 students. Their relationship is good and they are always ready to help each other.

In 9A there are 19 students: every student has his own position and they differ from other children by their credo and skill of expressing their own mind. Students participate in social life of the school: they attend different clubs and participate in Olympiad of different subjects. Doing this our children develop their leadership skills.

In 10F there are 18 students. There are elder student of the shanyrak. All students are engaged in self-education process. Our children have a high level of knowledge. The whole class takes part in social services of the school. They accomplish every work with big interest and in this grade there is mutual understanding, unity.

All children feel responsible for themselves and the community. The majority of students are active participants of extracurricular activities, they go to such clubs as dancing, vocals and sports clubs.