Shanyrak “Burabai”

Бұрындық хан

Shanyrak “Burabai”

Teacher-organizer-curator: Khamzin Nurzhan Alimzhanovich


The motto of the shanyrak:

«Ой арманын кешеміз,

Ақылды боп өсеміз,

Құпияға толы әлемнің,

Жұмбақ сырын шешеміз!»


Shanyrak of 10 «D» and 11 «А» grades consist of 38 students:

In 10 «D» grade there are 21 students. They all are very initiative, hardworking, ambitious students; they have set life position and goal. The relationship between students is stable and good; they always ready to help each other. Students take active part not only in school life but also in social work, different school sections and clubs, where they develop their skills and leadership qualities.

11 «А» grade consists of  17 students. They always develop their cognitive skills and have desire to study and achieve their goals. 11 «А» grade actively participate in social work.

They always eagerly participate in new activities, discover new thing with great interest. Students are very friendly; they usually understand each other and feel responsibility for their contribution in shanyrak life. They take active part in additional lessons, clubs and sections, like dancing, music and sport. They take seriously all the arrangements and activities that are organised in school. Students also show interest in implementing social work. This day our shanyrak could be considered as a united team. They are sociable, easy-going; always respect each other and adult people.