Chemistry Department

Химии никоим образом научиться невозможно,
не видев самой практики и не принимаясь
за химические операции.

М. В. Ломоносов

In Nazarbayev Intellectual school of Physics and mMathematics in Kostanay teach 10 chemistry teachers who have passed the level courses of the Center of pedagogical excellence. Students from 7th to 12th grade solve global issues in the classroom and out of the classroom, conduct applied research. Teachers use various forms and methods of training for the development of students ‘ creative thinking, analysis, synthesis, reflection.

The laboratory has the latest equipment for long-term and extracurricular research activities, a wide range of chemical reagents. The lessons are held in an interesting way, with a connection to everyday life.

Teachers of Chemistry Department conduct elective courses “Solution of Olympiad tasks in chemistry” and “Fundamentals of research”. Students regularly participate and win prizes in intellectual competitions of regional and national level.

Teaching in 11-12 grades from 2017-2018 school year at the school is carried out in English. Teachers regularly improve their proficiency in this language. To this end, attended courses in England (London) – 2 teachers, distance learning English courses – BBC (London) – 3 teachers, in-school courses – 10 teachers.

We believe that in cooperation between the school, family and students we will achieve a high level of development of a new generation of citizens of our country.

Nazarbay Tulubayev

Head of Department

Aliya Nurusheva

Gulzhikhan Antayeva

Slavisa Stosic

Botagoz Zhailganova

Gulmira Konspaeva

Karakozaiym Nursultanova

Elena Rudik

Gulzhazira Turalinova