Shanyrak named «Alakol»

фото шанырака на сайт Алаколь

Shanyrak «Alakol»

Teacher-organizer-curator: Aldabergenova Nazgul Kuatovna 

Success doesn’t come to you…you go to it.

Marva Collins

In the new 2018-2019 school year in the shanyrak “Alakol” on the list of 37 students of them 20 boys and 17 girls. At the very beginning of the year, as always, the initiative group of shanyrak was elected. Abdykanov Temirlan remained the unchanged leader of the shanyrak. Heads of classes are: Almatova Karina (grade 11) and Kudesova Dilnaz (grade 9).

Separately worth mentioning students who are in student self-government. Maria Konontseva – the vice-president of the school, Musagaliyev Dias – the prime minister, Tasmagambetov Andrey and Somtemirova Zhamila – active participants and students’ self-government, which allows them to develop their leadership competencies and foster a competitive spirit. All children together with their parents take an active part in all intellectual, sports, charitable school activities.

Students of shanyrak “Alakol” can be proud not only because they have high intellectual abilities and a big heart, they are, moreover, extremely talented. It becomes obvious that the Shanyrak “Alakol” consists of talented, kind, intelligent, active students who have an active civic position, students who can not only learn well, but also work productively for our school!