Shanyrak “Balkash”


Shanyrak “Balkash”

Teacher-organizer-curator: Tlebaeva Dana.


Shanyrak of the “Balkash” consists of 12 “Е”,and 11 “А” grades, with Russian and Kazakh language education  respectively.  There are 32 students in shanyrak and 16 in each grade.

The pride of our shanyrak and excellent students are Kalygin Nikita, Grischenko Alexander, Amurzakova Dinara, Salnikova Violetta, Satvaldina Dana, Zhurkabaev Sultan, Abdikarimova Aknur, Kalakova Akdana, Sagadieva Aigerim, Tuken Aizhan, Rakhimzhanova Aruna, Bekbosynova Akbayan.

It should be noted that the  Tauekel Khan shanyrak is distinguished by many activists that succeed in art, debate, science, sports and scientific competitions, robotics, literature, computer science, organization of events and conferences. Among them are such outstanding personalities as Zhetpispaeva Dametken, Salnikova Violetta, Zhurkabaev Sultan, Ishchenko Innokentiy, Murzabaev Mestai, Grischenko Alexander, Berkimbayev Azamat, Zhanbaltyn Nargiz, Fazilzhan Asanali (12 “E” class), Gabdulina Assem, Rakhimzhanova Aruna, Tankin Nurken (11 “A” class)

We are proud of Alexander Grishchenko, the winner of the Republican Olympiad in English, the organizer of the EOR conference, and Berkimbaev Azamat, a talented programmer and mathematician. Together they have repeatedly won prizes at international competitions in robotics.
Murzabaev M., Ishchenko I., Zhurkabayev S. Tankin N., being members of the debating club “Samruk” are the winners of the city tournament.

There are no obstacles for talented Fazilzhan A, Kipshakbaev J., Andreichenko A in the field of programming. Their creativity and passion for informatics is manifested in promising projects and prize places in republican competitions. In addition, Zhetpispaeva Dametken and Zhanbaltyn Nargiz often decorate with their singing various school events.

Ishchenko Innokenty is rightfully considered the leader of Shanyrak, while Gabdulina Asem represents the interests of students in school self-government. Among our students successfully develop future journalists. For example, Rahimzhanova Aruna responsible for the publisher club “Wikipedia”.

In Shanyrak there is a special atmosphere of friendliness and mutuality, the students enthusiastically undertake to complete the tasks together.