Shanyrak “Zhayik” 

Кайыпхан шанырак

Shanyrak “Zhayik” 

Curator: Murzakhanov Muratkhan Bolatovich 

Shanyrak consists of 11 B, 12 C grades.

11 “B” is the youngest grade where study 19 students. Out of 19 students, there are 12 girls and 7 boys. This grade is very organized and united. Students’ relationships are stable and productive; they always help each other. Students of 11 ”В” grade take active part in different school activities, celebrations; they always attend school clubs or sections.

12 «С» grade consists of 21 students: 14 girls and 7 boys. In this classroom, all the students are friendly, generous, organized; they behave very well. They eagerly participate in school or class life. In addition, they are very responsible in accomplishing important things for school. In their free time, they participate not only in the school life, but also in the city’s social work.

Today all the shanyrak members work as a united team. They communicate with each other regardless of the difference in their age. They always give hand to each other and show only respect and trust, as they are many-sided, kind students. Traditional celebrations in our shanyrak are national holidays and birthdays of every student in shanyrak. They always develop their skills by participating in different school sections or clubs.