Shanyrak «Tengiz»


Shanyrak «Tengiz»

Curator: Nazarova Dana Valikhanovna

There are 34 student of 16 in 9 C and 18 in 12 D. The leader of shanyrak is Kristina Ryzhko. Student are friendly and help each other every time. They take part in different public events together. Students play chess, togyzkumalak, like robotics and Tedx conferences.

Activity, aspiration to new achievements creativity are the main features of our team. The most active student of shanyrak are Makhmudova A., Malkov R., Taskozhina A., Lapkina A., Rain E., Ryzhko K., Sarsembina L., Nurgalieva M., Zhanabilev B., Dandybaev Z., Muratova Z. Shanyrak also has a lot of sport achievements.

Our motto is «Never stop, only self-improvement every day».