Russian language Department

The main factor affecting the quality of education is the professional level of teaching staff.

In Department of Russian language and literature teachers there are 8 teachers. The educational qualification of teachers is high: all have the highest category, experience in educational, administrative work, all teachers have certificates of level courses, 1 teacher –certificate of coach, 1 – has a master’s degree, have publications, work creatively and with great dedication.

The teaching staff – professionals, competent in all fields of knowledge, with a rich work experience.

Teachers use individual, group, pair and frontal forms of work, strategies of active forms of education in their work. Almost all students are covered by work in the classroom and are evaluated in each class. The lessons are informative, well-built.

To achieve the goals and objectives of the Department teachers implement their pedagogical research and introduce new pedagogical technologies, forms, methods and techniques of training; periodically conduct self-analysis of their professional activities; improve their knowledge by participating in various seminars. Teachers make extensive use of computer technology in their daily activities with students.

Teachers in their practice use a communicative approach. This approach implements the basic requirements for the modern educational process: communicative behavior of the teacher in the classroom; the use of tasks that recreate the situation of communication of real life and involves the implementation of educational activities in such situations; parallel learning of grammatical form and its functions in speech; taking into account the individual characteristics of students.

The staff of the Department aims to provide quality education in the subjects “Russian language” and “Literature”, to form a multicultural personality, fluent in 4 basic skills, to develop creative thinking, critical thinking, to educate competitive, competent personality.

Anastassiya Barmina

Head of Department

Maiya Abdrakhmanova

Gulnara Yedigenova

Zhuldiz Batpanayeva

Nadezhda Losseva

Anastassiya Iskakova