English Department

The English Department is a community where young, talented and creative teachers work effectively. The motto of our department is: ” Real success comes in small portions every day “.

In the course of work, our teachers consider the following principles: communication with life, science and consistency, long-life learning and creativity, teachers’ active work and self-development, efficiency, flexibility and mobility under favorable conditions for effective research of the teachers.

18 local teachers and 2 international teachers from the USA and Great Britain, work collaboratively with the international colleagues, plan and conduct lessons, celebrate together significant events and holidays, take part in some extra curricular activities.

There is a saying about the English language, which describes it as follows: “The English language is nobody’s special property. It is the property of the imagination: it is the property of the language itself”. DEREK WALCOTT

Ruza Тashenova

Head of Department

Bolat Khalilov

Marina Korneyeva

Miizgul Karimuldina

Rashida Abduvaitova

Aisha Ungutbayeva

Diana Zhidebayeva

Akkumis Zhalgasbai

Valery Kim

Assel Nurgazina

Samat Kusainov