On April 13, 2019, as part of the broadcast of the experience, students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual school of Kostanay held an “Intellectual triathlon” for students of the fifth grade of the city schools. The purpose of this event is to promote intellectual sports, instilling a healthy lifestyle among children.

“Intellectual triathlon” consisted of three stages of the competition: chess, speedcubing, and intellectual board games. The winners of the competition were

determined by the team competition, which was based on the results of chess and speedcubing, Board games were organized outside the competition.

I would like to note the high level of competition in the chess tournament. Intrigue in the determination of the winning team remained until the last round. Pupils of school-Lyceum №1 and school №7 scored the same number of points, so the championship had to be determined by additional factors, in particular by the coefficient of Buchholz, which in school №7 was slightly higher. In the third place of honor is the team of school №9.

School students also showed a high level in the assembly of the Rubik’s cube. The best in this kind of competition was the student of secondary school №17 Nurzhanov Amir, who collected the cube in 18.02 seconds and took first place, in second place – Omarov Arman, a student of secondary school №15, whose time – 27.04 seconds, in third place – the representative of the school-Lyceum № 1 Utebayev Mansur with a result of 41.06 seconds.

In the team event the absolute winner of the “Intellectual triathlon” was the school-Lyceum №1 in Kostanay, the second place – school №7, in third place was school №17.

We hope that this tournament will become traditional and will annually gather large audiences of interested intellectuals