Shanyrak named “Nura”

Нура фото 8Д-10А

Shanyrak named “Nura”

Teacher-organizer-curator: Baydan Gulvira Kadirbekovna.    

                                   Motto of shanyrak:              The study of wisdom exalt and make us strong and generous.

(Jahn Amos Comenius)


Shanyrak of 8 “D” and 10 “A” grades include 38 students: they are united, polite and each student has organization abilities at high level. Whole grade is active participate in school activities and each student can organize taken work by the best of their ability . Students are take apart in social projects. Each student has got abilities of hardworking, respect to elder and help to younger, also care is visible from children. Calendar holidays are traditional holidays of our shanyrak. Pupils participate in different types of competition. They sharpen their cognitive abilities of participating in extracurricular hobby groups, sections and various clubs. Along with this students are responsible and neat to contain public property, grooming school plants, purity in classrooms and grooming schoolyards plants.

We hope that in the future we will achieve good results in knowledge, in culture, in social and school events.