Shanyrak named “Amudaria”


Shanyrak “Amudaria”

Teacher-organizer-curator: Kazna Murzakaeva 

Our motto:

Билейміз, ойнаймыз,

Күлеміз, жайнаймыз

Бір шаңырақ болып биіктерге самғаймыз.

We are always together

Мы вместе всегда

Always the first

Мы лучшая орда


For us, “Shanyrak” is a big family where unity and mutual understanding always prevail. One of such families is our shanyrak “Amudaria”, which consists of students of  7 “C” and 10 “C” classes. They are very clever and talented. The main value of our shanyrak is to help the younger and respect for elders. Our shanyrak is young, owing to this our achievements are ahead. We hope that the leaders of the shanyrak Batyrkhanov Zhandos and Ospanov Ali will always lead us forward, and with our curator Murzakayeva Kazna Kalikhanovna we will conquer new heights. In the future, we promise that we will show good results and we will actively participate in extracurricular activities.