Department of Art, Physical education and Basic military training teachers

For proportionality, beauty and health requires not only education in the field of science and art,

but classes and physical exercises and gymnastics whole life.


At the Department of “APE and BMT” (Art, Physical education and Basic military training) students are taught by 19 teachers in 7 disciplines. Students gain knowledge and improve their skills in the subjects “Physical education”, “Art”, “Basic military training”, “Chess”, “Togyzkumalak”, “Choreography”, “Dombra”.

Most of the work takes extra-curricular work with students. Various events are held: competitions, concerts, “Health Days”, exhibitions in which both students and teachers and parents participate with pleasure.

At present, it is difficult to imagine social life without certain manifestations of physical education, sports and art. They are very popular and become full-fledged components of social life.

Physical education is an important means of educating a new person, harmoniously combining spiritual wealth, moral purity and physical perfection. It contributes to the increase of social and labor activity of people, meets social needs in communication, play, entertainment, in some forms of self-expression through socially active useful activities.

The main indicators of the state of physical education in society is the level of health and physical development of people, the degree of use of physical education in education and training. The result of its activities is physical fitness and the degree of perfection of motor skills, a high level of development of vitality, sports achievements, moral, aesthetic, intellectual development.

True art develops a person and makes him happy. Art develops a person’s ability to experience, contributing to the transformation of the natural emotions in the senses, giving a special experience of the struggle and the victory of one or other of the senses, and forms his need for this experience, i.e., spiritual and aesthetic need. It gives the personality samples and ways of self-expression, expressiveness.

The school operates “Vocal Studio” the head of which is Kusniyarova G.B. The purpose of the circle: to interest children in the musical arts, to instill a love of choral and vocal singing, to form vocal and choral skills, a sense of music, style. To bring music, song and culture. To develop children’s musical and aesthetic taste.

Markhaba Makhmutova

Head of Department

Murager Seilkhanov

Azar Gachaev

 Dmitriy Chentsov

Izat Zharbulov

Gulvara Askarova

Tatyana Medved

Bulat Seitmuratov

Bayan Batalova

Ardana Balabekov