Department of Computer Science

Department of ICT teachers – a friendly team of 6 teachers, which are active in learning, commitment and a positive outlook on life.

Professional competence of teachers is increased through training courses, seminars, practical and trainings and master classes. All teachers of department passed level courses within professional development of pedagogical workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Department of teachers organized extracurricular classes, such as “Robotics”, where students develop creative thinking and programming skills.

Teachers are engaged in science and olympiad movement in the profile direction. Together with the students, the staff of the department create scientific works, perform at the national and international level.

Also, teachers prepare students for the olympiad, both on the subject of “Informatics” and to participate in the world robotics olympiad “World Robot Olympiad”.

Department’s web-site:

Shynar Ospanova

Head of Department

Manat Ospanov

Alexandr Shertser

Boris Zelenov

Ainur Ospanova