Kazakh language Department

The Kazakh language is the language, the beauty of which

you experience true pleasure,

pleasant languor,

flaming soul fondled hearing,

the severity of which in hard times

inspired by people,

the command which is subject to

not only man,

but also any difficult situation


Department of Kazakh language and literature teachers, developing language skills of students, contribute to the formation of a person who respects the Kazakh language and understands its social importance.

There are 9 teachers in the department The creative team of teachers develops critical thinking of students and leadership qualities. Design and research activities contribute to the development of universal learning skills. Research is being conducted in the field of linguistics, ethnocultural studies.

Elective courses are held in the Kazakh language, which provide an opportunity to expand the horizons and range of language opportunities in the communicative sphere. Club activities within the club “Ziyatker” contributes to the manifestation of leadership qualities of students, the development of cognitive interests.

“Wikipedia”, “TV Studio” contribute to the development of students’ love for the artistic word, a steady interest in books, formed reader’s interest.

Extracurricular work on the subject includes online competitions, intellectual

Assem Issina

Head of Department

Assiya Saulebayeva

Saltanat Kabdenova

Bayan Karigul

Mentay Kozganbayeva

Zhansaya Shamganova

Aigul Murzakhmetova