Biology Department

Teachers of methodical association of biology keep up to date and work on improvement of the practice of teaching. Each teacher has specific goals on the increasing of professional improvement in his individual plan of professional development.

Development of skills and quality of teaching is also connected with the fact that the teachers of methodical association visit  “ICT”, “Kazakh”, “English” courses in school. All 9 teachers of MD of biology teachers have the certificate of IELTS for the beginning of academic year and it upgrades their rating. Moreover, we strive to the international requirements according to Elbasa’s Message.

7 teachers have the certificates of the 3rd level of qualification, 1 teacher (Aubakirov B. M.) has the second level of qualification and 1 person has the certificate of the first level of qualification (Vartanyan G. V.). Teachers realize the gained knowledge in educational process successfully.

During six months teachers have participated in 6 advanced training courses, such as: Aspects of a technique of CLIL at the lessons; STEM ROBOTICS program; The Course according to the solution of Olympiad tasks; Leading the turnaround of your Science Department for Success; Triple Science Approach Training Course for Qualified Teachers; Tripple science integration trainer.

Various approaches used in educational process and strategy are directed to improvement of quality of educational process. So, the percent of quality of proficiency of pupils has increased to 1,6% in comparison with the first term. Today it is 99,8%.

Nineteen pupils are involved in writing of research works, four pupils out of them are engaged in work with Candidate of Biology Beishova I. S.

Decade of Science has passed on 17 April, 2017. It was directed to the formation of complete pupils understanding of natural objects and for subjects integration.

Today there is an optimization of teachers reporting process, development of teamwork. The number of pupils who are interested in scientific projects grows.

Madiyar Baitemirov

Head of Department

Galina Vartanyan

Kseniya Zhasugurovа

Bagdat Aubakirov

Nuradil Zhangabylov

Anar Bayakhmetova

Selwyn Eugene Jacobs

Daniya Bekentaeva

Ernazar Kudebaev

Moldir Esengali