“Nauryz” is a warm, Eastern holiday, which is considered the beginning of the new year, a symbol of renewal, purification, love and beauty.

April 6, 2019 celebration of Nauryz unfolded on a special scale in the NIS PhM in Kostanay.

The school yard on this day was decorated with national installations of life of the Kazakh people, it is here that students, teachers and guests of the school were entertained with noisy games, theatrical performances, dance and musical performances.

Everyone could find here entertainment to taste: the young men measured their strength, taking part in the national game “Kazaksha kures”, in tug of war. All guests were waiting for delicious treats, especially popular treat of the day was Nauryz kozhe, to try which lined up a whole queue. From the hands of the workers in the school canteen drink flew along with hot baursaks.

It is believed that Nauryz is a holiday of friendship and unity, reflecting the spirituality and culture of our people, playing an important role in strengthening stability. Let it be the beginning of new achievements, bring love and prosperity to every home.