Annual Citywide Conference MUNNISK-2019 was held on January 25-26, 2019 at Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Kostanay as a part of the English department week. The theme of the conference was «United we stand in combating the issues of today for a sustainable future». This year, the event was organized according to the model of a UN representatives meeting. Thus, the signs of a scientific conference and elements of a role-playing game were synthesized, which contributed to the development of not only diplomatic and leadership qualities of students, but also the development of public speaking skills, ability to talk, and coming to a compromise.More than 80 NIS students and about 40 students from 9 mainstream secondary schools of Kostanay city took part in this event.

This year, in the framework of the MUNNISK-2019 city conference, there were 6 working committees: Security Council, Disarmament and International Security Committee, UN Office on Drugs and Crime, Economic Committee and Legal Committee and Special Session on Terrorism.

For two days, the participants used English as official representatives of the UN member countries and discussed the problematic issues on the agenda of the committees.

All delegates who participated in the MUNNISK-2019 conference abstracted themselves from a personal point of view and defended the official position of the country they represented, following diplomatic etiquette.

At the end of two fruitful days, each student was awarded a certificate of participation, and the best delegates were chosen in the following nominations: “Best Delegate Award”, “Outstanding Award” and “Best Position Paper”. The winners in the nomination “Best Delegate Award” were Yelzhanov Yeldar – grade 11, Zhuldyz Ualikhankyzy – grade 11, Issenomanov Sanzhar – grade 11, Nurken Tankin – grade 12, Abdikadyr Zhaniya – grade 11, Madiyar Duspulov – grade 11 (Bіlіm-Innovation Lyceum).