On January 22, 2019, in the auditorium of the school the long-awaited II NIS Cup championship of flash mobs in the style of “Hip-Hop” was held. “Hip-Hop” is one of the most popular modern dance styles, and is considered part of the world youth culture, originating from the 70’s of the last century and confidently won the hearts of many in the late XX– early XXI centuries.

The dance battle was attended by the most creative representatives of the 16 shanyraks. The main task of the performing teams was not only to prepare the main dance, but also in the selection of appropriate costumes. Each team for 2 minutes of performance demonstrated mastery of different techniques of “Hip-Hop”style.

According to impartial judges, the team from “Tobyl” shanyrak became the winners and owners of the NIS Cup without question. The students’ emotionally conveyed the idea of their dance, performing all the elements with perfect synchronicity, conveying the mood of street culture, which pleased and surprised the audience and judges at the same time.